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Xinfeng immigrates to study abroad

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Why choose Xinfengxiang?

​Excellent Business Capabilities

Strong technology, accumulated experience, high quality and responsibility. Handling complex immigrant visa cases for many years.

​Professional service team

Central team, caring service throughout. Promise to respond to all needs of guests within 24 hours.

A full range of supporting services

360-degree supporting services relieve your worries. Help new immigrants/international students adapt to the environment quickly.

Visa service

​Senior Canadian immigration lawyers and copywriters, providing efficient and fast processing of various types of visas inside and outside Canada, as well as dealing with intractable diseases of visas and residence status

immigration project

A local service team rooted in Canada, an agency registered with the Canadian Immigration Service and a licensed immigration consultant. Understand the situation and needs of Chinese customers, familiar with Canadian policies and regulations, and tailor the most suitable immigration plan for customers.

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Studying abroad and immigrating look for Xinfengxiang, a professional team and rich experience, to escort your way to go abroad.

-New Direction Canada Inc.



Last year, I found this immigration agency. They have attentive service and will provide suitable solutions according to the individual situation of the client. And the price is reasonable. If you need to look for it, you can try it here.


Ziyin Yuan

They are a group of truly reliable and professional people, helping me deal with my immigration process after 4-year university. If you are looking for service like immigration and visa application, they are the one you need.


Jingyu Li

They know your needs, understand your situation, their professional team can help you to achieve your future goals. what you get here is not only professional service, but also lifelong friends. New Direction is worth having!

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